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New Year stuff

While we were starting to get ready for the New Year's Day stuff, Viv got a text message from Julienne asking if we wanted to go and join her for a coffee. She was staying at Steve and Jo's place, while they were at Debbi and Ian's place... Of course! But it did mean that we needed to set off earlier.
So we did that, and walked through the Dibbinsdale again. It was busier than the last couple of times we have done it, and we called in at Somerfield to pick up some extras for later. I can particularly recommend the duck and port paté but that is another story.
Coffee, screaming kids, then back to Libby's place for the main event of the day: lunch and games. The lunch was a buffet of sorts, supported by carrot and coriander soup, chicken stew and various other things, while the games started with a quiz of 40 cryptic clues leading to chocolate and other sweet names and a quiz of 30 more cryptic clues leading to place names. My team won both rounds.
Then on to the board games. In my room, it was 'Ratrace', which I won again, though my winning strategy still needs a little improvement. It won't last for ever, as it is easy to copy. I won't trouble those of you who don't know the game with the details.
In the other room, Viv was playing 'Flutter'. I didn't hear how she fared, so must assume that she didn't win. Then on to 'Balderdash', a game I had heard about but never played before. It's a word game, so I was surprised to find that it didn't really appeal to me.
Soon after that, a light snack, a lift home, another episode of 'Cracker' and soon after that, to bed. An early start beckoned, but what the day would bring was unknown.
First of all, the fluorescent tube in the kitchen has today decided it's had enough. That wasn't so much of a problem (to me, at least - sorry, Viv) but it was the journey to London that was a problem.
Network Rail promised to finish the work near Rugby by 30th December, reneged on that promise before Christmas, stating that the work would extend into 31/12. It still hadn't finished this morning, and so the journey I took was like this:

0622 Bromborough to Chester (Merseyrail)
0700 Chester to Crewe (Arriva Trains Wales)
0735 Crewe to Birmingham International (Virgin Pendolino)
This was supposed to go Crewe/Stafford/B'ham Int but at the last moment was directed to stop at Wolverhampton and New Street too. This meant that it failed to meet connections.
0915 Birmingham International to Leamington Spa (Cross-Country)
0954 Leamington Spa to London Marylebone (Chiltern)
1130ish Marylebone to Baker Street (TfL)
1140ish Baker Street to Liverpool Street (TfL)

So instead of arriving in the office at 10, it was almost precisely noon. Not good.
A sandwich and a drink, and then straight into it till six.
Liverpool Street mainline station was just opening as I got there. Oh, the humanity!
Here at Olympia before seven. Have just caught up with LJ, news and email and written this. It's getting on for half past eight. I think I will go and grab a bite to eat nearby. That is all.
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