Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday already

Just after posting the last entry, I discovered that the swimming trunks (your dialect may vary) that I had with me were too small. The possible explanations are (1) I have put on an enormous amount of weight (2) Matthew's trunks found their way into my drawer and I was too groggy to notice at stupid o'clock on Monday morning.
Tuesday morning, another early start, another day in the office and then, something that hasn't been the case since June 2005: I went to a Toastmasters meeting. Being in London makes this possible in a way it wasn't on Merseyside. The club I went along to largely resembles the clubs I went to in New Zealand. This is a good thing, and I signed up for membership.
The club meets in the downstairs function room at a pub, and we take advantage of the facilities later on.
This morning, still an early start. After work, I went over to Euston for a seat reservation for Friday and a haircut, and also bought a bagel and a drink. I was going to go to Leicster Square for another movie, but was almost knocked over by the mob of people coming out of the Underground, complaining loudly that the Northern and Victoria Lines were closed at Euston, and that King's Cross was also closed. So I walked up to Euston Square instead, and once I got to the platform was able to find a largely empty train to take me north to Wembley. And here I am, having just caught up with most of my email.
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