Ian (ringbark) wrote,

That was Monday...this is Wednesday

A few minutes late into Euston, then a short trip across to Liverpool Street. When it's not rush hour, it's a reasonable journey, even with a suitcase.
A day at work, then across town to Holland Park, where I took an early night.
Up early on Tuesday, a day at work, leaving there late, but in time to make a reservation on Friday night's train, get a pasty to eat and then go off to Leicester Square, where I saw "History Boys", a dark Alan Bennett play based in a grammar school in the 1980s. Very good, highly to be recommended.
Then back here...and this morning another early start, before a long day at the office, followed by a trip back here. I called in at Tesco to pick up something to eat this evening. Three courses for less than £3. Not bad. Just caught up on my email, news, LJ, scrabulous, that sort of stuff. I think it might be time for an early night.
But before I do, some thoughts about food:
Why on earth does a hotel see fit to serve waffles so sweet I can barely eat them, and with sugar crystallising and crunching as you bite into them? Why grapefruit juice which must have sugar added to it because it has no "bite" to it? And then you wonder whether the fried mushrooms have sugar added too...
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