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I had tried to use the "MoJo" WAP client for updating my LJ a while back, but it didn't work. Last night, I tried the new "TapJam" client, and it worked, as you will have seen in the last entry. Unfortunately, that stopped working between bedtime last night and getting up this morning, and the file seems to have disappeared, so maybe it will be long and irregular updates after all.
This morning was another early start. The noises from next door suggest that our neighbours are not getting on...indeed, it seems that one of them has again been given his marching orders. In our house, the biggest problem recently has been the dripping taps, but they got sorted today.
I entered our oral reading contest this morning, where the entries were excerpts from
  • Mr God This Is Anna, by Fynn
  • One Lady at Wairakei, by Rudyard Kipling
  • Lady Sings The Blues, by Billie Holiday
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll</l>
I will try to set up one of these LJ polls shortly and see how they work, seeing as how I have finally got something worth putting a poll up for.
I won the contest, much to my own surprise. The rest of the day dawned, including the usual work on the Basel Accord, the usual alternate Thursday lunch with some of the men from our church and various other bits.
I called in at Dymocks bookshop to pick up a book I had ordered and order some new ones. The main excitement later in the day was when I left my bag on the train. hopefully it will have found its way to Wellington by tomorrow morning. Railway staff are looking out for it.
David is at music practice at the moment, the other two boys are watching a videotape.
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