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07:32 am: Chester Station
Well, it's another morning at Chester Station and once again the
express to London is delayed by around half an hour. This time, I
haven't picked up an earlier train to Crewe because I wasn't in
Chester in time for it, thanks to the rail replacement bus on the
local route, and because it's easier to compete with for seats with
just the Chester passengers rather than the Crewe passengers too.
What of the weekend just gone? It was not as industrious as it should
have been, but many of the things we needed to do did get done, though
not all of them. It was a disturbingly short night's sleep last night,
which of course was not helped by the 05.15 rising and shining. I
don't think I'm well suited to a life as a milkman. So still waiting
for the express to Euston. The board at Chester suggests 07.45 but the
text message service at 484950 suggests later still. We'll see...

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Date:January 25th, 2008 12:06 pm (UTC)

chester station

are we to assume with your lack of posting that you have been at Chester station all week?
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