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08:18 am: I'm on the train...
Ah, things have moved on...I got onto the train at Chester without any confidence as to what would happen. Arriva Trains Wales were obviously very glad of the extra passengers from Chester to Crewe. At Crewe, much to my surprise, a new Virgin Pendolino was waiting, to form an additional service to replace the Holyhead-London service. The staff were at great pains to point out that, as an additional service, it has no catering services of any kind on board. Most of the way to Crewe, I was typing an LJ entry, but a single push of one button on the phone keyboard and we lose the lot. Not happy.

I was talking about Chris and Jenny's wedding. It was truly a wonderful service, a celebration of their wedding, a start to a new life together. They exchanged their solemn vows, but shouldn't a wedding be a celebration? Steve B certainly thought so, as once again he gave the bride and groom champagne to drink during his address. And that adds to the whole service, as family and friends and church family join in the celebration.
Afterwards, at the back of church, we joined in drinking a toast and ate slices of wedding cake. We aren't so close to them, so we weren't at their reception, but joining with them in the celebration at church was enough in itself. But this does mean that an anti-climax looms as I say "and then we ordered in Domino's pizza". But we did, and I watched another episode of "Cracker". In just a couple of weeks, I'll probably have watched the lot. It's compelling viewing, but not necessarily pleasant at all.

After that, off to bed, in time to get up to lead the main communion service. Many thanks to Viv for helping me arrange what I had into a workable and worthwhile order of service, and for all those who helped by praying for me or in any other way. The microphones were not kind to us, and I ended up saying the final blessing with nothing but my voice, which is something that tends not to be done very much these days.

Sunday afternoon, and it was afternoon tea at the rectory. Just after they arrived, Philip and Caroline started inviting the congregation for afternoon tea, starting with Z, and yesterday they reached H, so we went along and shared in a snack and a drink with about twenty others, before going off to the evening service.

Then Debbi came home for a cup of tea, then we packed up my bag and before you know it, it was the end of another weekend. So now, after an uncertain start, I'm on a train to Euston, which is now just south of Stafford, whizzing through the frosty northern Midlands.

Later, on to Liverpool Street and then south of the river to another PRMIA Risk Management seminar tonight, and then on to Wembley.

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Date:January 28th, 2008 11:26 am (UTC)
The most memorable and perhaps frightening Cracker episode for me was the one with the Hamish Macbeth guy who played the drief-crazed, mental Liverpool fan. Um, what's his name... oh, I know, Robert Carlyle, I think. That one really got to me.
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