Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The last story for tonight! "Currys! Currys! Currys!"

Because I don't want to fill up your pages.

Last week, mionding my own business, I was wandering down from Wembley Park station towards the Plaza when I was assailed by an Indian gentleman.
"Currys! Currys! Currys!" he exclaimed
My usual thought process started, as it does when anyone comes out of the blue, regardless of their race, colour, creed or anything else: Is he hassling me to give him money? This didn't seem to be the case.
"Currys! Currys! Currys!" Just like the guys by Bebington station, who try to persuade you to dine at their establishment. I'd already eaten, and a quick look round revealed no restauarants in the vicinity.
"Currys! Electrical! Where?" That explained it. I indicated back up the road. "Up the road, that way. Behind McDonalds."
"How long?"
"About five minutes."
Ah, so he wasn't trying to rob me or feed me - he just wanted to buy something at the electrical store. More later.
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