Ian (ringbark) wrote,


Got home a few minutes later, as a result of congestion south of Stafford. It was a cold night last night, colder than any nights I remember in January.
This morning, up in time to receive the order from Asda, and then off to Birkenhead with Matthew, to supply him with money and to buy another fluorescent tube. Other things I bought included a couple of Wii controllers, which I saw today for the first time since before Christmas and a bottle of sparkling NZ pink wine, which was an essential purchase in M&S at 20% off.
The off to help at Catalyst. That was quite a night, similar to some of the events I went to when I was a youth person, but unlike it in that it fitted today's culture, not that of the late 70s/early 80s. But still a magnificent evening.
And after it was over, there was a demand for curry from Viv and Ian, so we got ourselves a light snack. But we're home now.

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