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Brass monkeys

I'm on Chester Station, where I've just bumped into a couple of
monkeys who wanted to know whether I did welding. Certainly it's not a
warm morning here, but on the plus side, the London train appears to
be running on time today.
I'll check later whether I wrote anything about Catalyst. I know I
mentioned it, but was that before or after? In any case, it was an
inspirational event and I look forward to the next ones, even if I'm
not in their target audience any longer. Sunday morning, two services.
The 9.30 saw Helen speaking about Revelation ch 14 (and 13) which
isn't a topic I would fancy too much. At 11, Philip and the story of
the prophets of Baal v Elijah. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see
Philip call down fire from heaven like Elijah did. If he had, it would
have been a service to remember. Then while we were waiting for the
rrb, Karen stopped and offered us a lift: thank you! Uh would have
been so much better if Viv hadn't left her clarinet in the car,
causing Karen to return a few minutes later to Viv's mum's place,
where we were lunching. (Yes, verbing in action.) Then off to the
evening service. This time, the theme was prayer. Finally, off home,
supper, bed, sleep, early start. And here I am, as I said earlier, on
Chester Station. While I have been typing this, dawn has cracked and
morning has broken, like the first morning, as they say, but it is no
warmer. That is all.
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