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The quality of mercy...

Good morning, once again, from Chester Station on this Waitangi Day
morning, which is also a very early Ash Wednesday.
There will undoubtedly be those who see it as an act close to insanity
to have travelled across the country for a Deanery Synod meeting, and
I feel qualified to say this, as I am among them. But there were other
benefits too. One was the chance to get to another of Angela's pancake
parties, which I was unable to attend for very long, as missing the
Deanery meeting would have defeated my purpose in coming home.
Nevertheless, it was good fun while it lasted, though I'm not sure
that Summer would agree. Was it my size that scared her, or the suit,
or just that she wasn't expecting me to walk through a doorway? After
Viv and I left, it was onto the train, and then from Bebington it was
a brisk walk along the Old Chester Road, sharp left gun Town Lane and
them up Town Lane for about 500 miles before turning right again to
get to Christchurch, where the coffee was being served just as I
arrived. It was probably just worth attending. Then afterwards, as I
wondered whether the bus would ever arrive and prayed that it would,
Karen drove by and for the second time in a week picked me up at a bus
stop and took me home. Remarkable! And at almost the same time, Viv
arrived home from her meeting, also by car. So then it was coffee and
bedtime. That should be all, but at 4 o'clock I needed to use the
bathroom. That's a terrible time to wake up, especially when the alarm
has to be set for 5.15 anyway. So now I'm back at Chester Station,
where the rain is beating heavily down on the station roof and the
morning is starting to lighten.
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