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Start the week

My LJ mood below reflects my overall mood. Of course I'm not happy to
be spending so much time away from home and family, but I count myself
very fortunate to have such a supportive home and family. It's another
cold morning, but a lot better than last week. There never seems to be
enough time to write these posts, but there would be if I put it
higher up my priority list, which seems to have "messing about to no
purpose" far too high on it, sorry. As I wrote last night, it will be
a very busy week, as the days are filled with work and the nights with
friends (first half of week) and family (second half) and sleep (third
half) so you can see there might be a flaw in my plan. In other news,
it's possible that I will "level up" at Hilton this week: who would
ever have thought that I would reach the top tier in a hotel loyalty
programme? I'm looking forward to having a valet standing to attention
in my room, who I can get fired if he doesn't bow every half hour. Or
is that one of the benefits they discontinued a couple of years ago?
More seriously, improved upgrades and more complimentary breakfasts
are the key. Breakfasts are good: they are the most important meal of
the day. I wish I had taken that advice seriously when I was younger.
It was confused by my family's view of morning time. Their view was
that seven o'clock was too early, six o'clock was far too early and
five o'clock was lunacy. So an early start was made later by omitting
breakfast. A cup of tea or coffee just before rushing out of the door
wasn't the best, but it was how I grew up, and how I continued for a
while as an adult until I came to the realisation that I felt so much
better both physically and mentally if I had something to eat within a
short time of getting up. It's also taken a long time to get to
understand that it can be reasonable to get up at a ridiculous hour:
my regular time for getting up during the week is 06.15, a time mum
and dad would have treated with deep suspicion as being far too early
for ordinary people.
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