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What to make of +Rowan's latest words?

+Rowan seemed to be genuinely surprised at the reaction to his
thoughts about welcoming Sharia law into Britain, and this is
remarkable. One has to assume that he is an academic so far removed
from the ordinary people that he has completely lost touch. I'm
working on a longer article on the whole issue, which may not be
publishable in the end. I'm not a scholar on Islamic law, but I have
lived in a country with two parallel official legal systems and in one
with, in parts, different official and informal legal systems. Neither
is pretty, and I wouldn't welcome such a thing here. But considering
the reaction, we must ask: does +Rowan want to be sacked? These
comments coming in the week before a General Synod meeting could not
be more poorly timed, and I wonder whether the might find himself at
the wrong end of a vote of no-confidence before the week is out. Now,
wouldn't that make for an interesting Lambeth Conference, with a
Vacancy in See! Or perhaps +John would welcome everyone to the York
Conference instead? If I do finish the other article, you will be the
first to hear.
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