Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Weekend in Wanganui

Friday morning was an early start, followed by a half day working hard at the usual bits and pieces, but after lunch, it was time to come home and start to get ready for Diocesan Synod in Wanganui ("Wanga-vegas" as it was called by a co-worker who grew up there). I had never been to Wanganui before, but this stay wasn't destined to help me to learn much about the place.
We stopped in Bulls on the way - it amazes me that (a) Bulls has a Subway at all (b) there is always a queue there. Nevertheless, it was good food as usual, quick, healthy, inexpensive.
We arrived in Wanganui and talked for a while before turning in for the night. Breakfast on Saturday was followed by travel to the racecourse, where Synod was meeting. It was a very quiet Synod, with not much business to get excited about.
Saturday night was a fun evening at the Synod annual dinner, with a speaker telling us the story of Elisha in a manner slightly away from the norm.
We got up early on Sunday morning to go to worship at Christ Church, Wanganui. I have never attended any church whose service is more like that at St Andrew's, Bebington. The whole tone and style of the service was so much like that at the church where I grew up that it was unbelievable.
Synod reconvened and went through another day of business. I will post more comments about Synod later.
After the closing address, we came back to Stokes Valley where I caught up with emails and other items of interest.
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