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A night together in the big city

A day at work spent waiting for a reasonable set of data to arrive,
and other things to keep me amused while waiting. Then after the five
o'clock conference call, I was able to leave. Not long after, Viv,
David, Matthew and Christopher joined me at Liverpool Street station
and we walked briefly, looking at the big building where I work and
several of the other big buildings, including the so-called Gherkin,
which I think is properly called Tower 42. (Viv tells me that I have
seen Mal since Vanuatu... Apparently we had all three children and
they had some too...) But back to last night. Across town to Hell,
where we all dined on fine pizza almost to excess. London prices,
sit-down meal. Still cheaper than Domino's takeaway at home, and much
better pizza too. Then back to Olympia, a suburb of Kensington (Jenny
take note!) to admire the large rooms and get David his room key. Then
soon after that, it was coffee, cyberslacking and sleep. Breakfast en
famille this morning, much to my surprise. Yes, all three boys were
there too. I do appreciate that. One of the waiters there
simultaneously had no idea and couldn't speak English. On the other
hand. He clearly wasn't from Barcelona. But it was a good breakfast. I
just caught the tube from Olympia to Kensington High Street and am now
on a District Line service to Edgware Road. A day of financial
adjustments is ahead of me, and then it will be a quick sprint across
to the West End, I shouldn't wonder. While I was busy earning the
filthy lucre yesterday, V, D, M and C were spending it on the London
Eye and before that, presumably on things like food and travel. They
seem to be getting in the swing of Oyster cards. Nobody should travel
in London without them: your fares will be halved at least. Everyone
in Britain can get one. Just go to http://tfl.gov.uk to sign up. No,
they aren't paying me. But why would you pay £4 for a single journey
in the city when it could be £1.50? That is all.
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