Ian (ringbark) wrote,

I'm on the train...and on a computer

The train is less crowded this morning, so I've got a table with power available, so there's some intermittent net connection on my laptop.

What has happened? I don't seem to have written since Thursday morning... Thursday afternoon, someone in Romford who hadn't received a card threw him/her/whateverself under a train near Romford, leading to the most stupendous disruption on the main lines too.
But this only affected me indirectly, as I was only trying to get through Liverpool Street to get to the tube, but the press was so great that it took ages to get to the tube and then ages to get to the platform. Once at Leicester Square, it was easy. Pick up the tickets and then go off to get Subway. As we stepped through the door, CdeB music started to play. Have you seen "Minority Report"? After that, it was The Eagles.
Off to St Martin's Theatre for "The Mousetrap". The boys were determined for David to see it, and the rest of us went to see it again. It was still great.
Then back to Olympia, where Viv and I zipped off to the bar for cocktails before bedtime.
Friday at work, and then the five o'clock conference call, which is fine except on Fridays. But on this particular Friday, it wasn't too bad. Soon after, it was off to Euston to wait for the rest of them before the journey home.
The train we caught was incredibly busy, possibly because an earlier train had been cancelled, according to something someone overheard.
But back to a freezing cold house. The weather had not been kind in Bromborough while we were away. But eventually we warmed up.
Saturday and a slow start, then off to Ifan's for an evening meal and to start to teach him how Excel works...
Sunday as usual. Two services. Very cold day. After the evening service, a meeting to review what we want to happen to the evening service. Let's wait and see what happens, and how we can get a quieter, loud service, with simpler, deeper teaching, coffee before and after the service, with contemporary, traditional music, and a service which is longer and a bit shorter.

This morning, the trains are running fine on time, even though it's very white outside, even as we approach the South.

In other news, my hyphen key is still broken. I can work round this on text documents, but it makes subtraction difficult in spreadsheets...
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