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Viv's birthday

It has been an exciting day. After some thought-provoking phone calls
last night, I slept well, before being woken at 6 by a phone reminding
me it was Viv's birthday, not that I would have forgotten it. A little
later, and it was time to rise and shine and start to prepare for the
day. A shower, a coffee and then off to the Exec Lounge for a
breakfast. That was pretty good, and also seemed to take me less time.
A short conversation with my beloved wife as I walked to the tube at
Holland Park, followed by a reasonably painless journey to Liverpool
Street. I stepped into the office at 08.33, and from then on it was
all go, as we struggled to deal with data and other issues until home
time. But instead of home, it was time to go to the Toastmasters club,
where I was the evening's grammarian. Following a suggestion from Viv,
but one I might have done anyway, instead of a "word of the day", I
suggested a word to avoid: "good". And as the evening progressed, most
people *did* avoid it, offering other adjectives in its stead.
Competitive? Who, me? Yes. And so I was thrilled to be nominated as
evaluator of the night, quite an achievement when not actually an
evaluator. That was great, of course. So a drink in the bar with some
of the Toastmasters, and now it's off on the Central Line, typing in a
new LJ entry on my way back to the hotel on the Central Line again.
And with a bit of luck, I should be able to get a coffee in the lounge
before turning in for the night. Be seeing you!
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