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Not a particularly inspiring day

Good evening from north of Watford. This morning, I discovered that
the hotel has been charging me for unwanted copies of the Daily Mail
this week. Why they thought I asked for it is a mystery. Then off to
work, on this 29th day of February, as previously described. On
arrival at work, I found I was copied on one of the most
insert-adjective-here emails I have ever seen, and it pretty much set
the tone for the day. The fire alarm test went off as usual at 3.30,
and then we were subject to a real evacuation of the building about
ten minutes later. If I had been able to get a reservation on the
17.21, there would have been a problem, as we weren't able to get back
into the building till after the time I would have needed to leave,
and my bag was still in there. As it is, I'm on the 18.20, change at
Crewe, with not enough space to be able to spread out a computer, and
no access to a power supply either, so my sermon for Sunday night will
need to remain unwritten for the time being. I also can't listen to
any music: no computer for my music and no in-flight entertainment
system. The channel selector just displays an ominous E and no sound
comes out. This may or may not be related to the computer problem
which meant that the train shop has only just opened. It's a pity that
Virgin can't employ numerate staff to work in their on-board shop. Or,
possibly, staff they trust not to run off with the takings. But
there's no clue given that the shop is closed until you select goods
and put them on the counter. So I'll starve rather than give them the
satisfaction of serving me now that they have opened. Yes, that
probably makes me small-minded. But there are so many ways they could
have done it better.
As British readers will know, Network Rail was fined £14m this week
for the over-run of the work on the West Coast Line at the New Year,
the same week their boss got a knighthood. And they will screw it up
again over the Easter break. Have a great weekend, everyone. That is
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