Ian (ringbark) wrote,

So, another week, huh?

Abbreviated notes for the week
Monday: Judged the Upper Hutt Toastmasters humorous contest. Still shocked by how many people can't spell "humorous".
Tuesday: Not much that I remember. Busy day at work.
Wednesday: Much the same. I'm sure we did something. David and Matthew had their photograph taken as models for a new series of maths books coming out soon in New Zealand.
Thursday: My Toastmasters club. David went to the inter-school conference at Wellington's stadium and, among other things, presented his speech on genetic modification.
Friday: A story telling workshop for Matthew (An Aztec warrior story) and Christopher (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) while David had the second day of his conference.
Saturday: The morning was a parish vestry planning day, the rest of the day hasn't been much.
Christopher was confirmed this week for the "gifted children programme" being run in the Hutt Valley. We're still not entirely sure what this means, except another $40 a week.
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