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Just leaving Chester

The evening started well, as Debbi and I worked together to run the
evening service. Mark 11. Forgiveness, faith, effective and specific
prayer. Then back home for coffee, sausage and chips. And Lewis.
Matthew asked whether Keble had ever featured in Morse. Apparently
Kershaw was supposed to be a Keble history graduate, while the episode
Settling in the sun was apparently set there.
Anyhow, an early start this morning proved to be not quite early
enough, as I ran to the platform in time to see the train pull away
from it. But that didn't matter, as the 07.15 out of Chester is
cancelled anyway! Misleading signs at Hooton suggested that the local
train to Chester would be very late, but in fact it arrived on time.
We are assured that there will be a train for us waiting at Crewe
Station. This has been the case before. Platform 6. I'm sure it will
be fine. It's a cold morning, but the sun is shining brightly. Today
is the first working day of March. Our bank seems to run a parallel
calendar, where days in a month are numbered as working days. This is
much better than another bank, which also had a WD calendar, but
didn't seem to allow for weekends in the first half of the month. But
that was the bank that put stickers on charts on the wall as a
motivational tool. It didn't seem to work so well, possibly because
this was a bank, not a kindergarten.
I'm very grateful that my current bank doesn't do this. So here I am,
just over 1400 characters into this post, and rapidly approaching
Crewe. Be seeing you!
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