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07:07 am: The beginning of a new and busy week
Years ago, JennyG said that she didn't write a blog because she was
too busy living life to write about it, and I understand this. It's
another reason why this one seems to be the narrative of a boring
life: either the interesting bits are too interesting to write about
in a journal with such a large, diverse and mostly lurking readership
or else I'm too busy livin' it to be writin' it. If I get a friendly
seat on the 07.15 this morning, I hope to write about last week while
I still have some memory about what happened in some detail. Failing
that, you might get something about it tonight, but after that it will
be pretty much wall to wall doing not writing till next weekend, both
during and after office hours. The promised storms haven't reached
this part of the green and pleasant land, though to be fair the sky is
very gloomy and there is a piercing wind, though it has stopped
raining for the time being. You see? I can write about the weather
without thinking about it!

Current Mood: busybusy
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