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Nearly home

It's been another busy week. Out in Wembley, where the hotel kept on
giving freebies faster than I could use them. I've got wine, pringles,
shortbread, hot chocolate and other stuff in my bag this weekend.
Wednesday night was the Keble drinks party, a fine time of eating,
drinking and being merry. Last night was another banking seminar, this
time at the Vintners' Hall. The history of the hall presented
afterwards proved to be more interesting than the seminar, which
possibly wasn't the sponsor's intention. But it did make for an
entertaining evening. Work continues to be busy and challenging, but
on the whole a positive experience. The travel is long but not
excessive, but without a doubt the 17.21 makes for a better journey
than the 18.20 (change at Crewe) even though the journeys should be
comparable. Forthcoming attractions: an evening of Pacific photographs
tomorrow. Palm Sunday services. Back to work on Monday. It's all
change in the technology world, as I have a new computer and phone at
home and will also have a new computer and phone at work too. Also a
new work email address, but as I don't publish work email addresses
here, that change won't affect you.

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