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Sunday night is almost over

A pretty ordinary journey home on Friday. I nodded off just north of
Euston and the next I knew, we were approaching Stafford! But on the
whole, no complaint. Viv met me at Chester Station again. It's always
great to see her again. It always was...
Anyway, Saturday saw a trip to Birkenhead to buy a few things for
Chris's army camp. Somehow we forgot that one of the new purposes of
the trip was also to buy shoes for me. Perhaps I'll find somewhere
during the week? Then off to spend an evening eating, drinking and
sharing Pacific pictures at Steve and Jo's place. What a lovely
evening, as we looked at our beloved islands again.
This morning, for Palm Sunday, Steve was preaching and I was leading.
That was fine. This evening, Palm Praise. Let's see how that goes.
In between the two services, I booked a mini break for the weekend
after Easter. More details to follow... But I think it will be a
pretty good time, though far too short, as usual. As we know, getting
there is half the fun.
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