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09:06 am: Nuneaton
We have gone very slowly over the last few miles and are now at a stop
at Nuneaton Station. Another express is at a stop at the next
platform. Apparently a road vehicle has hit a railway bridge nearby,
and our driver is awaiting instruction. I assume we are waiting for
engineers to have a look at the bridge to give it the all-clear. Or
not... In the meantime, nothing to do but wait. Maybe Jenny is right:
there always seems to be something up. I can see another train
arriving at another platform. I don't think we'll be at Euston at
If you celebrate it, a very happy St Patrick's Day to you. And as I
type this, we're moving again. It's 09.03. Euston in 33? I think not.
Becky, the train manager, tells us we are 35 minutes behind. So that
would be 10.11, dig and delve, when we arrive. That is all.

Current Mood: boredbored
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