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Good grief...Thursday night again already

And what a week it has been...

Starting on Good Friday morning, where I was one of the four Readers who were offering meditations for the day from Luke's gospel. I spoke on Jesus and the dying criminal, the third of the four talks. The rest of the day was quieter.

Saturday morning, and I was off to Birkenhead to buy the shoes I had failed to remember to buy last week. On Saturday afternoon, we took delivery of a skip to fill up with rubbish, and apart from when it was snowing, that's what we did.

Sunday morning: Easter Day, the celebration of the resurrection. Also the day of Ben's baptism, so we were off to Thornton Hough for that. Then it was lunch with Viv's mum before I sorted out her printer, which was in need of new ink and plugging into a spare USB port. All is now well in printerland. Then an evening service and back home.

A lazy Monday followed. They are good things to have, to be sure. But apart from more skip filling and garage emptying, it was also accounts day. It's not too good to have to complete accounts and then send a big cheque off to the VATman, but that's what we had to do. Paying a big cheque is a lot better than a big cheque and a fine.

Stupidly early on Tuesday and it was off to Chester. The chaos of the West Coast main line works over Easter were still evident. I knew I'd be changing to another train at Crewe and had made sure that I had a seat reservation, but I was not expecting three trainloads (Manchester, Liverpool and Holyhead) all to be put on the same train from Crewe. Things were running smoothly for a while, except for the expected diversion via northern Birmingham and Coventry Station. No complaints there: it was what I was expecting. The half hour lost between Northampton and Euston was less excusable.

Tuesday was a busy day at work, as was Wednesday, but today was a quiet day, fortunately. The inconsistent service at the hotel meant no lounge access even though I was paying a higher rate than last time when I did get it. Who can tell? I watched the England v France game last night, but it wasn't worth watching.

Tonight was a good night: early back to the hotel and shortly early to bed. Another plus this week is that I have restored access to Gmail on a mobile device, and I also now have GPS on it. How cool is that? I can be walking down Bishopsgate or Holland Park Avenue and have it tell me I'm walking down Bishopsgate or Holland Park Avenue.
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