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Evening, all

Monday morning was great, apart from the early start. I'd lost an
hour, what with summer time starting, but once I got going, no
problem. The train to Chester was on time; more importantly, so was
the Euston train. A full day at work, then off to Wembley for the
night. My phone had no power at the start of the evening, and later on
that was me too.
Another day today, followed by a trip to Margaret Street to give
blood. My blood count was barely a pass at 135. But good enough, and
so after a wait, I gave blood again. Once again, I encourage those who
can to do so, and sympathise with those such as -r---r and s-----4 who
are unable for good reason.
And tomorrow is another day.
Did anyone else see Watchdog last night. I loved the item about
roaming charges, especially the *graphic artist* who only checked
email a few minutes a day. Oh, and downloaded Google Earth to get her
bearings in Copenhagen...
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