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The stench of tobacco from the passenger next to me is overbearing.
It's been a good week so far, though there have been more questions
about the detail of what I have been doing at work than ever before.
No problems: it's just the way it is.
Tonight, another seminar, this time about data for credit risk. So
every firm has issues with the risk and finance departments not being
on the same page? It's time to start writing more detail and
monetizing my blog...
Tomorrow night and I'll be on my way home. In fact, by this time
tomorrow, all being well, I'll have been home for nearly an hour. But
tonight, I'm on my way back to Wembley. This is King's Cross. But as
there's no service here, I'll keep writing.
What about Zimbabwe? Viv and I honeynmooned there in 87 before Mugabe
had completely lost his marbles. It's heartbreaking to see what has
happened there since. My guess is that will take more than a century
for it to recover, if it ever does. I am amazed that there is a chance
that M will admit defeat. Maybe there is still an atom of decency in
the man. Or maybe he doesn't want to be shot.
In other news, the only Jubilee Line service is between Finchley Road
and Stanmore. Even that is more than I expect next week. I'm sure some
readers will have views about this.
That is all.
Well, ok, not all, as there is no signal in this tunnel. So I guess
I'll just ramble and, among other things, wish Chris and Meg a belated
happy anniversary. You're only 20.5 years behind Viv and me.
And still the tunnel continues.
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