Ian (ringbark) wrote,

I had to come back to Wirral last night for a meeting, and I was
worried that the train would be overrun with Gooners. Fortunately it
After the meeting, I got home and it was 2-1. Couldn't believe it when
Adebayor scored a winner six minutes from the end and I thought it was
all over.
Now, here's a useful tip: it you don't want a penalty awarded against
you, don't bring down one of our boys inside the box.
And then it just remained to score a proper goal so that they couldn't
say it was just that dodgy penalty and we should have had one last
week. And Babel sorted that for us too.
I guess that's what every Scouser will be saying today.
Meanwhile, at the bank, my HoD is a staunch Arsenal man, who was telling me
yesterday how sincerely he wanted us to lose, but had this nagging
doubt in the back of his mind...
He's in Paris today, so he might have calmed down before he comes back
into our office.
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