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Live from Kensington

Good evening. It's not entirely clear why I booked a room with a meal
included in the rate. I susoect it may be an anomaly in the rates
meaning it was cheaper than just the room. Whatever the reason, I've
emerged from the twilight world of the guest room and the executive
lounge to the cavern of the restaurant.
The epic midweek trip back to Bebington was, fortunately, worth my
while, and I think the outcome was the right one. No, I can't go into
any detail here.
On arrival at Chester, Viv met me and we went up to Bebington for a
quick curry before the meeting. I've already written about the game
and my thoughts on it.
The journey back to London was completely straightforward. With net
signal much of the way, I was able to catch up with a lot of web news.
I also started watching the dvd of Brussels 1958 I bought a couple of
weeks back.
So now, back in the capital of the Empire, wrestling with incomplete
or late data which may delay my return home this weekend. Wait and
But for now, it's filling in time typing more rubbish into a blog
entry while I wait for the main course to arrive. Chicken supreme on
toast? That's the ticket!
I wonder if any readers can work out what I really had...
Whatever it was, I've had it.
And now, an arcane chant from a demonstration, probably apocryphal,
heard by me today for the first time.
What do we want?
Progressive change!!!
When do we want it?
As soon as possible!!!

That is all.
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