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The weekend ends here.

I finally got home about 10 o'clock on Saturday morning after my epic
journey. It did nothing for the sleep debt issue.
It was therefore a fairly quiet weekend, though quite an expensive
one. Train tickets for Viv and her mum, hotel reservations, air
tickets to Canada for David. More £ than I want to think about, all
spent from the comfort of my own living room.
The living room is a little more comfortable now that my pile of
papers has been largely processed. There's still too much there, but
it's no longer quite the avalanche area (warning! No loud noises!)
that it was.
Roast chicken on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, a guest speaker on
the subject of money. Good humour, excellent and striking points made,
a contrast to the sermon in the evening, a half-sermon about the judge
Then home, and long conersations followed, first with Debbi, then with
Mark, then with Viv. Of course with Viv, who was also a part of the
other conversations.
Mark had said 'don't marry someone you can live with: marry someone
you can't live without'. I don't know who said it first, but that is
what I did all those years ago. It's still true, but it's something
real rather than gooey.
It's probably also time to stop typing stuff if I'm wandering onto
topics like that.
Congratulations to my work colleague Jurg who ran the London Marathon
in 2.59.40 and to all the others too. I don't yet have a time for Dr
Despite the change to BST (daylight saving) it is light now. In fact,
even on a Monday, it's light when I leave home. That makes the whole
journey so much easier. The platform has filled up quite considerably
as I have been typing this, so I guess it must be nearly train time.
More soon...
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