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Saturday evening

Off to work earlier than usual yesterday morning, courtesy of the fire
alarm. Then after the morning's work, across London to Notting Hill
for lunch with jiggery_pokery and meggitymeg, at a
Mexican place they were trying out en route from Teesside to Newark
NJ. It was pretty good, especially the ceviche, and I was also pleased
to prove to myself that they exist in real life, and vice versa.
I was still printing out a presentation at 16.40, which made me
nervous about catching the 17.21 out of Euston, but I needn't have
worried. Into Chester in time to catch the 19.45 and in the church
hall before a quarter past eight. Cool! Mammon to God in less than
three and a half hours.
(Did I mention that I somehow lost my Oyster card between Paddington
and Liverpool Street? No, I thought not. At least it was registered,
is now cancelled and I don't lose my money.)
A late start today, after the church council meal last night? No such
luck! Why not? More later.
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