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Good morning. Still alive, despite the silence over the long weekend.
I arrived home to an empty house, but it wasn't long till boys started
to come home and tell me about their week. I was pleasantly surprised
to find just a few washed plates on the draining rack, with everything
else put away. It seems that they can cope with a few days.
The weather continued miserably, with Saturday perhaps noticeable only
for being a day when, frankly, nothing happened. I printed out some
financial statements I've been meaning to for some time, but that's
all of any note.
Sunday morning was pretty wet but noithing compared to the evening. In
the morning, were first inspired by +Colin on Ps 59 and then by Debbi
on a parable. It was still horribly wet in the evening.
I was keen that Monday should not be such a non-event but some sort of
family event. We went to see "Horton hears a Who" at the Odeon. It was
a fun sort of movie, with something for everyone. A person's a person,
no matter how small.
Then off to lunch at F&B. That was a meal and a half... Then home, for
the ultimate retrieval of clothes from the line, before an earlyish
night and an early morning.
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