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Railway thoughts

The announcement that saver tickets will not be valid on this train
from 19 May does not come as welcome news, but neither does it come as
a surprise. Yet the FAQ in National Rail's "Simpler Rail Fares"
brochure, ATOC49, contains:
Will fares increase as a result of these changes?
No, fares will not increase as a result of the new fares structure.
I suppose the official view is that the fares don't change, just the
trains on which they are valid.
Other questions, of shorter term, include: Why was the train to
Holyhead this morning a Voyager? (Or is it always a Voyager and I'd
never noticed before?) Why is this train in reverse formation, with
first class at the back?
Will I be in the office by 10 o'clock? (If the train arrives at Euston
a few minutes early, it will be possible. Yes, this does sometimes
So here I am, on my way to a city that I will from now on refer to as
Johnsonville. I apologise to those good people who live in the real
Johnsonville, who have much to be grateful for.
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