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Saturday at Arrowe Park

Neither Viv nor I slept very well, and we were up just after 7. Breakfast, coffee, bath, but also lots of phone calls before we got a lift to Arrowe Park.
Chris was in good heart, though he looked rather resigned to what was going on. Over the course of the day, he's had four units of blood and his blood pressure is now closer to what it should be too. At the same time, he's been given antibiotics through a drip in his other arm.
He fidgets as much as he ever did, so from time to time it set off the warning alarm and staff sorted it out. David and Matthew came with us, but they didn't stay so long. We came home at about 2 and I half watched the game on television. It didn't have the sparkle of the usual cup final, I'm afraid.
Half past six, and Julienne took us back to Arrowe Park. Chris was dozing when we arrived, but soon brightened up. We played cards, teaching Julienne the game Cheat. He also seems to be eating large amounts of hot buttered toast.
He was amused by the noticeboard outside with the title "Alcohol and Drugs - the facts" part of the campaign which we have previously called "Alcohol and Drugs - the propaganda" but the funny part was the illustration supporting it, of Winnie-the-Pooh looking into a honey jar.
I've just noticed how late it is, so I think we need to go to bed.
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