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Less than a week

On a commuter train from Wembley to Marylebone. I've been thinking:
I've been thinking that this time last week, it seemed that all was
well. We were all going to see the new Indiana Jones movie this
weekend, and last week I would have paid the balance for our holiday
and maybe bought a new suit. On the Mayday holiday, we'd all gone out
to lunch after a movie.
Now, that all seems such a long way off. Viv is spending long hours at
AH and Christopher is there all the time. Last night, the dodgy chemo
compounds dripped in for the first time and another general
anaesthetic today. And he seems so well in himself, still playing
computer games and online, thanks to mobile internet on his laptop.
And all this in less than a week. A week ago, I had heard of
leukaemia, knew roughly what it was, but knew nothing about the
details of treatment or the difference between ALL and AML and so
forth. And who ever heard of a "teen oncology unit"?
More tonight.
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