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Nearing the weekend

Thursday night: it's been another busy day at work. But many thoughts are still with Christopher. Not just mine, but questions from others too. As far as I remember, I've only been a bit short in my responses to one person, but there might be others. I'm sorry: lots of people are asking the same questions and they are not always easy to answer.
While Christopher's health is undoubtedly very important, we will probably be doomed if we don't talk about and do other things too.
Nevertheless, I was very encouraged to see that new legislation is still being passed in Solander, though whether a country would really have a president quite so sick is obviously a matter of speculation. Do you have a nation of your own? Mine is, not surprisingly, The Principality of Ringbark.
Meanwhile, the medical profession do what they can do to return Christopher to good health, while Viv spends a lot of time there. And the rest of the world carries on, largely the same...
Today I went to the lunchtime meeting at St Helen's and came back to Wembley at the end of the day. I've also finally put up some new material at The Smirks website. But now it's bedtime.
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