Ian (ringbark) wrote,

News from England

I arrived in London on Tuesday morning after a long, long flight. The flight from Auckland was delayed because of some mechanical issues, so we arrived in LAX an hour and a half late. I'm baffled by the fact that we have to clear immigration and customs even when only in transit, but I suppose the US authorities know what they are doing.
After that, a flight to London was further delayed, but I arrived there just after noon on Tuesday. I caught a flight to Manchester, pleasantly surprised by how cheaply you can fly with British Midland on a "when's the next flight - how much?" basis.
My cousin and mother met me at the airport and seemed better than I might have expected. I was pleased by how well I had dealt with the jet-lag, so I didn't need to sleep straight away.
The evening and the next day were spent in conversation, reminiscences and the like, and the time is passing quite quickly.
Dad's funeral will be at 11 am on Monday at Landican.
More news soon, perhaps.
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