Ian (ringbark) wrote,


We stayed in, and Murph and some of his friends from the college came round to see Chris. After they'd gone, Viv and I went out to get some supplies. It was my first visit to Zuger's, where we had a coffee and a meringue each, and then we bought some supplies in the shape of a few beers, a tub of ice cream and some marshmallows.
Nobody else seemed to be interested in Eurovision, so I ended up watching some repeats of House before we went off to bed.
This morning, Christopher was raiding the fridge at about half past six. As the hospital said he can eat anything he likes, I didn't bother checking. But I see he didn't touch the tomatoes, so evidently his personality hasn't undergone any changes.
I think I'lll have a bath and wash my hair before we go off to church. It's all go!
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