Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Further news

Things haven't been too bad, considering.

On Sunday I went to church with Don and Betty and then had lunch with them. The curate was preaching from Matthew 20, a passage which enlivened so many discussions with my father, as I looked at from a theological point of view, while my atheist father took it from a Trade Union point of view.

Of course, Monday was hard. Alison, Mum and I left home about 10:30 and went to Landican, where there was a sea of faces we didn't really want to see. We went into the chapel, where Peter Foster led a simple service. We had chosen him, even though we didn't know him, as Dad had a Presbyterian background from before the War. I spoke, and now join with so many in saying that speaking at a father's funeral is one of the hardest things imaginable.

Sunday night, Joyce and Bryce (dad's brother) had visited and we remembered early days, as we did on Monday when John and Margo, possibly the only ones we could have been comfortable seeing, came and chatted for a while.

Yesterday Tuesday I went to Liverpool and bought some things, including an LOTR video for my mum. I couldn't believe she had never seen the film. I also bought a book for Matthew which I am sure he will appreciate when I get back.

This morning, Wednesday, I'm in New Ferry and all is well - and changed!
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