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Live from Hooton Station

Not at all a bad day yesterday. I'm starting to understand Viv's
complaint: the phone never stops ringing. I finally got to letting
some of our church friends in New Zealand know. It's a slow and
sometimes painful process keeping up with who needs to know and I am
afraid there will still be many who should have heard but have not.
We are nevertheless still grateful for all the prayers, best wishes
and emails and messages of support.
Viv and Christopher were at Alder Hey yesterday for a blood test. As
Viv said much later, it must have been good news as we didn't hear
back from them.
In the evening, the first meeting of the new Deanery Synod with
communion, sherry and a keynote address from +Peter. Then home for
cups of tea.
An early start this morning, but time before I left to say good
morning to Matthew and Christopher and find out a little about Chris's
trip to McDonalds with Darren last night before I stepped out into a
Tuesday morning of scotch mist. On the train now, where even though it
is June 3rd, the heating is wound up to the max.
The journey to London has begun again. The working week is again upon us.
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