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Shouldn't I feel *less* tired after a weekend, especially one where I
have unfortunately left undone many of those things I ought to have
Whatever the theory, early nights would make it better. There aren't
many of those at the moment and this week won't be helping that.
Apart from probably the busiest week of the month in the Bank's
calendar, I have a busy social calendar in the evenings.
Tonight, all being well, meeting up with a friend from school who now
lives near Cheltenham. Tomorrow, for the first time, a speech from the
Toastmasters manual to the club in London. Wednesday, a seminar
entitled "The Tale of Two Cities". But for now, the long rail journey
begins. With smooth running, I'll be in the office just after 10
All reasonably well at home as I left. Party over for Matthew as he
parts company with the easy going lower sixth after his exams and
joins what in New Zealand was quite reasonably called seventh form.
David still has some exams to go before his escape from school is
complete. Christopher, on the other hand, I think, would be very glad
to be back at school, and I think he will be able to so at least some
of the time in a few weeks.
He is amazed that a Facebook group of his supporters now has over
eighty members. The surprising thing to me is not just its existence,
but that it should grow so large without our being aware of it at all.
All but one of the members appear to be school students, the exception
being one of his teachers.
And it's a beautiful morning. The future seems bright.
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