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08:53 pm: Off to Wembley
Following a promisingly uneventful journey this morning, an exciting
day at work before setting off for Paddington. An evening meal,
conversation and a walk round and about before Mal set off for
Cheltenham and I set off for Wembley. I think I'll get to my
destination first. You know, the nearer your destination the more
you're slip sliding away.
But it looks like I need to change trains unexpectedly at Finchley
Road...no, the rules have changed again...looks like we are going to
stop at Wembley Park after all. In fact, we are going to stop for ages
in a tunnel before we even reach Finchley Road.
More later...

Current Mood: hothot


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Date:June 10th, 2008 06:49 am (UTC)


Hope you are not still sitting in a tunnel. Great that you met up with Mal.
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