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Friday evening

I'm reaching the end of another busy week. There seems to be no let up
as day follows day. The absence of postings for the last couple of
days has been accidental, contributed to by a lack of free time.
I was considering putting together a blog with longer and more serious
posts, but in all honesty to everyone, especially me, I don't have
enough hours in the day.
The bank certainly gets more hours than they pay for, but there are
other events too. Wednesday, I was at the "A Tale of Two Cities"
seminar, contrasting Babylon with Jerusalem at one level.
Last night was theoretically a free night, but in fact I was still in
the office after 7. I caught the train out of Marylebone just after 8
and on arrival at the hotel got something to eat. It wasn't a late
night but it wasn't early enough.
Tonight, out of the office pretty soon after the five o'clock
conference call and on to Euston. The quickest route home appears to
be the 1808 to Crewe, changing also at Chester. It's always very full,
but the declassification of Coach G makes it bearable. Yes, I'm in
Coach G. What did you expect? If I must pay £62.60(*) just to get home
on a Friday, I may as well sit in comfort if I can.
Christopher had more chemotherapy yesterday. He'll be going back to
school for a couple of days next week before going back to Alder Hey
for what is basically the end of the first sequence of treatment and
the start of the second sequence. He seems to be doing ok.
Unfortunately, severe loss continues apace.
(*) Yes, technically I could by a single saver for £61.60, but I
expect to get more than a pound of value from the retirn half, one way
or another. That is all.
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