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06:41 am: Well, there goes another one...
Another weekend, I mean. The BlackBerry keyboard continues to be
unforgiving, as seen at the end of the last post. No, of course I
don't think it's really 'retirn'!
Saturday was a Leaders' Day for the parish, which was an event I'm not
sure I really wanted to attend, but went all the same. Fathers' Day
passed almost unnoticed yesterday.
Christopher still has good days and bad days. 'So, somewhere in the
middle?' I was asked on Sunday. No, he has good days and bad
days...sometimes good hours and bad hours. He's as well as anybody
could possibly expect, but that doesn't mean he's well.
Matthew has now well finished his AS Levels, while David still has
four A Level papers to sit. And after that...
Note for historians: confirmation service yesterday.
Forthcoming attractions: The Police at M.E.N. tomorrow night. Drinks
at ABN Amro on Wednesday. I was about to abbreviate that, but 'drinks
at AA' sounds absurd.

Current Mood: awakeawake
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