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Christopher, it seems, has now negotiated two days at school, which is
all to the good. Tomorrow, though, it's back to hospital for surgery
and stuff that isn't very nice.
As for me, it's been an action packed couple of days, with excitement
right up to the moment I left the office, when just as I was logging
off I received an important call about what I was workong on but can't
discuss here because I've signed a confidentiality agreement and
frankly wish I'd never mentioned it in the first place.
So that's why I usually talk about the trains I'm on safe ground
complaining about the closure of the Metropolitan Line and the
Hammersmith & City Line so that I had to use the Central and Northern
Lines instead, changing at Banl which is a faux pas at the moment and
only just getting to Euston in time to catch the 15.35, thereby saving
myself £115 or another travel insurance claim. Once again, a faulty
entertainment system and no corkscrews available. You have to wonder
why Virgin Trains advertise features that aren't available more often
than they are.
In a few moments, we will be arriving at Stoke-on-Trent. Regular
readers will (or may) be wondering why I am on the Manchester train at
all, especially on a Tuesday.
(We're six minutes late, btw.)
Last March, 2007, I bought tickets to see The Police at Manchester's
M.E.N. Arena, but last October Sting postponed the gig as a result of
a throat infection. On hearing the date of the rearranged gig, I said
'but I could be working in London or anything by then...' And so I am!
An hour or so from now, I'll be meeting up with Viv, Will and Marie
for a night of nostalgia and fun, which I hope will be all it should
be. Then back home for a few hours with my beloved wife before rising,
shining and going back to the Big City to find out whether everything
I didn't mention earlier ran smoothly! Tomorrow, I might mention the
concert or review it, but don't be surprised if I never mention it
again...or refer back to it on three years' time or something.
Next stop: Macclesfield, home of the Cheshire Building Society. That is all.
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