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Live from Crewe

It was a very good night, as The Police played through most of their
hits and a selection of their other stuff too.
The night went on late and it was well after midnight before we were
home, nearly one before we were in bed.
So up at 5.15 wasn't ideal, but here I am at Crewe, waiting for the
07.15 to leave Crewe at 07.48 as it often does.
Then it's usually just under two hours to Euston and a few minutes
across town to Liverpool Street. But the regular readers know that.
It's just that it's noit often on a Wednesday.
The sign on the platform has changed from 'on time' to '07.52'...
A couple of hours snooze would be welcome, but just at the moment I
feel wide awake. Off we go! The rest of the week starts here...
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