Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Manchester airport

Saturday was a fairly quiet day, as Alison and I looked for a whole load of things to ring back. No doubt on my return, vivh will say "what did you bring THAT back for?" but it will be home, so that will be it.
On Saturday evening, we went out to an Italian place, which served the most magnificent parma ham and pepper steak.
Sunday morning saw me at church again, the church where I was baptised, confirmed and married. Most of the people from my generation have left.
After the service, mum, cousin Alison and in-laws Don and Betty dined at the Three Stags. They do a fine mixed grill! Sunday evening, mostly talking to mum and a friend who phoned. It's hard to leave when the reason for the trip was my father's death and funeral, but by now I am an Manchester Airport, waiting for the flight to London.
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