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Friday tired

I'm on the 18.08 and the lady with the dog is far less annoying than
the lady with the child. Well, she isn't annoying at all, and has
remarkable patience, but I think a lot of the problem might be
Anyhow, we need to circle back through the week, for it has been a
long and tiring one. Monday was an unremarkable day with a
straightforward journey to London with a day at work following it.
Monday night, late to Wembley.
Tuesday: Toastmasters in the evening, with another speech for me and a
meeting that was lots of fun for all. Then off to the pub for a short
time before another Wembley night.
An early morning as we had to be prepared to catch up with some
banking issues at the start of the day. The day was balanced by
working late again, but did have its brighter moments.
One was the news that Kevin, a friend from the Hutt Valley, was in
town, and I was very pleased to receive a call from him to fix up a
lunch: following a discussion for a recommendation with another Kiwi,
I took her advice and we bought some takeaway (sushi from Itzu) and
ate it outside as we caught up on the news.
The news from here is about D and M finishing their exams, and C, who
this week has been in school a bit and at the hospital (for scheduled
stuff) quite a lot, with blood tests, more lumbar punctures and a four
hour chemo session yesterday. I wasn't surprised to hear that he
decided to stay at home today, though as it was Sports Day at school,
I think he was disappointed. Sports Day, for the non-athlete, is
mostly sitting around doing nothing, which I guess is pretty much what
he did today.
Last night, I decided I'd had enough, and went off to see a show of
some sort. Metro told me that John Hegley was in town. I'd last seen
him at the Classic in Auckland ten years ago, so I went to the jazz
bar just off Cambridge Circus and found my way downstairs. It was the
best night out I have had in a very long time, as we heard a mix of
material as diverse as Greatest Its, Night in Tunisia, Jesus is not
just for Christmas, Sunny Side of the Street, Luton Bungalow and
Grandmere, plus others! What a great night, ably supported by
trombonist Vicky and the rest of the Popticians.
Viv told me before the show that it was pouring with rain at home, but
it was still great in London. While the show was on, London was
drenched, so I took the best covered route back to Wembley. It was
beautiful again, but very muggy, this morning.
Off to work, where I completed almost everything I wanted before
heading off to a Credit Derivatives seminar at three o'clock, followed
by an underground ride to Euston, where I had a mini-six-pack of
burgers (not recommended) at BK before catching this train. Which
brings me back to the start of this post. In a few minutes, we will
reach Stafford.
The man in the seat across the aisle is watching the Blues Brothers
DVD on his laptop. I think I should watch it again soon too. And
that's about it from me for now.
Don't forget my birthday party on Monday. And a happy birthday to Ami
too for Monday. And on Tuesday, Princess Diana would have been 47. And
a week from Monday will be the third anniversary of our dramatic
return to England. Well, our return wasn't dramatic, but the events of
the day were.
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