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It's my birthday

But this isn't about me...
Friday night, he'd gone out with Pathies and was very upset that he
had been so tired he had to come home early.
Saturday, Christopher was complaining about pain aboive his eyes.
After a painkiller and a lie down, he was better.
Viv and I went shopping in the afternoon, then the nurse came to watch
Viv administer the chemotherapy. Viv was expecting to do this by
herself on Sunday.
Sunday morning, and Chris was keen to go off to church and Pathies as
usual. But the head pain came back. He didn't think he needed a
painkiller, but by the time he got to church, he'd changed his mind.
And before David arrived with it, he had decided he wanted to go home.
So he took the tablet, and we set off home. But before we got there,
he said to stop the car and threw up. Unlike so many, who seem to do
it all the time, this was the first time since before he was
He slept a couple of hours, and Viv suggested I call the ward, so I
did. They said to bring him in, so we did that. A full blood count
revealed another low count, so after the day's chemotherapy, it was
two units of blood. He really wanted to come home, but that wouldn't
be finished till about 11.30pm. I needed to be up very early, as did
J, who was giving the lift. So the proposed celebration for my
birthday was downsized and rescheduled, though tonight's London event
will go ahead.
Christopher was very cross with Viv for suggesting we call the ward,
but I'm sure he will soon get over it.
Viv tells me that as he was eating, he was making nuggets and chips
into little creatures with mouths:
Well, Mr Nugget, do you think Viv should have said to call the hospital?
No, I think you were fine and she didn't need to do that.
Well, thank you for your support, but I'm going to eat you anyway.
And now I'm on Chester Station after a too short and restless sleep.
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