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Great adventure

Good morning. Just before I switched off my laptop, I saw that the
07.15 from Chester has been cancelled. As that's the train for which I
have an advance ticket, I'll be interested to find out what happens.
I'll let you know.
It has been very good to have a wellish Christopher this weekend. Yes,
he's taken it quite easy, but he did go out to Pathies on Friday
night, and to church on Sunday morning and he did walk from home to
nanna's house for Sunday lunch - that's about ten minutes. Still ni
sign of him ever eating gravy or tomatoes.
At his request we had pizza in the evening. After our evening service,
Debbi came back for tea. I kept going into the living room to see how
the tennis was going.
To those who have asked about GAFCON, I haven't forgotten you. I'll be
working on a response over the next days.
Just past Hooton. Off to Chester on third rail electric. I remember
when there were proper trains on this line. Mind you, the service was
far less frequent then, rather like it still is on the Bidston-Wrexham
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