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On Monday night, I watched one of the documentaries about the events
of 7/7 three years ago. What would have happened if our flight from
Munich had arrived about an hour earlier? And of course, working in
the City makes it much closer too.
Tuesday, I called in at M&S just before work to get some snacks to
commemorate my birthday last week and our return. Some people who
didn't know when we had returned expressed surprise, and in one case
total amazement.
Tuesday afternoon and once again it was home time. The PCC meeting
calls. At some point in the meeting, someone asked me if it's worth
coming home for it. I said I can only tell after the meeting. Of
course, that doesn't make it any easier to tell.
The meeting had a very full and varied agenda. Was it worth it? Probably.
Afterwards, home for coffee and sleep before an early start. The
contents of my red wheelie case are not quite the same as usual,
containing kit for running in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge
tomorrow night. See http://www.jpmorganchaseCC.com/ for details, if I
got the address right.
Although it was very early as I prepared to leave, I said hi to each
of the boys:
To David, because I won't see him again until after he returns from
Canada more than a month from now.
To Matthew, because he was out in Manc watching Interpol in concert
and I didn't see him, with good reason, when he returned at about 1.
To Christopher, because he had gone to bed before I got home and to
catch up with some of his news. It's his last day at school today.
And now I'm on the 07.15 from Chester to Euston, which is running
today and indeed appears to be on time. Not only that, but the
in-flight entertainment system is running, so I'm listening to some
music as I whizz through the contryside. Those few who are familiar
with both Virgin channels and my taste in music will know what I'm
listening to.
And as the subject line to this post suggests, I'm in seat D33A.
Back to work in less than two hours. A service for Sunday to plan tonight
Tomorrow is another day, the day when I would usually start [work
detail removed] but will actually spend the morning [work detail
removed] instead and start the usual stuff after lunch. The JPMCC
means that I probably won't be able to work late on Thursday, so maybe
I will have to stay later on Friday, which is not ideal.
That is all.
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